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Project Description

Case Study


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The Objective

  • Develop an acquisition focused web presence
  • Create high value content for educating and nurturing leads
  • Rebrand Company for competitor differentiation
  • Develop a clear target audience

The Solution

  • Rebuild web presence centered around marketing automation system, high value content with clear representation of unique selling proposition and brand
  • Define Target audience and buyer persona  through strategy sessions and advanced prospecting
  • Develop targeted advertising strategy to increase conversion, retention, and referral rates
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About Drone University USA


Drone University USA is committed to providing the best in small unmanned aerial training and education. Along with our subsidiary companies, we provide a full-service education and employment development platform for both operators and employers. Our founders and leadership team have more than 80 years combined corporate business experience. We have more than 60 years of combined commercial aircraft flight and instructional experience along with a strong working relationship with the FAA. In addition, we are FAR 107 certified and 333 exempt.

“Crowdspin provided the planning, expertise and execution to navigate us through a rebrand and the development of an entirely new customer-centric digital presence. We highly recommend Crowdspin for their strategy, content development and marketing automation services.”

Barry Morris, CEO, Drone University USA

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